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If left uncleaned, they will quickly become dusty, grimy, build up of bird droppings all having an effect on the effciency and performance of the panel.  Therefore, we would recommend cleaning your panels to maximise your return.



Cleaning & maintenance of solar panels

Ensure the efficiency of your solar system with regular maintenance

  • check the rail system

  • check the wiring of the panels to ensure all is safe and functioning properly

  • clean each of the panels with pure water

  • check the inverter to make sure it is performing efficiently

Does your solar system need cleaning or maintenance? A hand using a squeegee to clean a window, revealing blue sky and white clouds

LED Lighting

Save up to 30% on all energy bills


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Cleaning & Maintenance of Solar Panels

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During our cleaning and maintenance survey we carry out a system health check to ensure that your PV system is working to its full potential and carried out by a certified MCS installer. We will:

Warranty - We can help you activate the warranty for your solar panels and inverter if any fault occurs or you can't get in contact with the installer. This is a service we offer for our clients and other contractor clients. Contact us today for further information.

PV Cleaning